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100% Liquid Egg Whites XXL Nutrition



100% Liquid pasteurised egg whites.

  • No more hassle separating egg whites and yolks
  • Long preservability outside of the fridge!
  • Drinkable straight out of the bottle, but also perfectly suitable for cooking
  • Protein enhances muscle growth

100% Liquid pasteurised egg whites. 16 egg whites per bottle. The liquid egg white is produced with eggs from barn reared chickens.

You can freeze the Egg Whites to extend the EXP date with 12 months.

Recommended use

30  g  liguid  egg  white  is  equal to  1  egg  white.  Can  be  used  raw  or  for  cooking and  baking.  Shake  before  use.


100% pasteurised egg whites. 

Dry,  cool  and  dark  storage. After  opening  close  tightly,  store  in  a  refrigerator and  consume  within  48  hours. 


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