High Protein Bread 250 gram (5x50g)




The populair Protein Bread is back! With more than 3 times as much protein than normal bread and 82% less carbohydrates, High Protein Bread is the perfect way to responsibly enjoy your trusted slice of bread.

Due to the use of various protein sources we’ve obtained a complete amino acid profile. Because of this High Protein Bread doesn’t only taste amazing, it’s also a complete source of protein. Every slice of High Protein Bread contains no less than 11 grams of protein!

Besides that High Protein Bread contains complex carbohydrates, fiber and good fats from sources like flaxseed, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds. Above all High Protein Bread contains no more than half a gram of sugar per slice!Every package of High Protein Bread contains 250 grams, consisting of 5 slices.

XXL Tip: Combine High Protein Bread with Natural Peanut Butter, Delicious Protein Spread or our Light Fruit Spread!


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