Protein Chips




  • Delicious, crispy chips.
  • 7X more protein than normal chips…
  • …and 67% less carbohydrates!
  • Available in 2 flavours: Paprika & BBQ.

Craving Chips, but not calories? Protein chips are the solution!

Everyone loves to lay on the couch in the evening with a bag of chips to end the day. However, we of course know that chips are first-grade calorie bombs and don’t really help you, if you try to gain muscle or lose fat. But the waiting ends now! Protein Chips combine the best of both worlds: amazingly crunchy chips and a snack, which you can enjoy without feeling guilty and fit into your diet!

Protein Chips are mostly made out of soy protein concentrate, tapioca starch and potato starch. Due to this, Protein Chips only contain 181-200 calories per 50 gram serving, while at the same time packing at least 20-22.4 gram protein! Consequently, the amount of carbs and fats contained are largely reduced, all without diminishing the crunchy and tasty nature of the chips! This makes Protein Chips to the ideal snack for an evening on the couch, in between meals, or whenever you crave some tasty chips.

Protein Chips are available in 2 different flavors: Paprika & BBQ

All Facts in one place*

Protein Chips in comparison with regular chips from the supermarket..

…7x more protein
…67% less carbohydrates
…More than 3 times as much fiber
…Only a third the amount of fat
…75% less saturated fats
…More than 30% fewer calories

Or simply put: With Protein CHips you can snack responsibly without a guilty conscience!

*Varies based on flavor

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