Workout Station - 1 pcs XXL Nutrition (Enkel Afhalen)


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Workout Station

Do you find the purchase of weights so expensive and do you not want to spend an entire room on all kinds of fitness equipment? Then the Workout Station is for you!
The workout station is very easy to use for both beginners and advanced. Because you can train every muscle group of your body with the Workout Station, it is a good alternative to the gym or a nice addition to it!

What makes The Workout Station different from the resistance bands? The Workout station has a plateau where you can attach the elastic bands, which not only gives you more control, but also more possibilities. Because the plateau contains several eyes, you can attach the elastic bands in several ways. The different angles allow you to do various exercises and train your body from different angles. By bundling the bands you can easily change the resistance from light to extra heavy.

The set includes:

  • Foldable platform with a load capacity of 220kg
  • 2x handle
  • 1x carrying bag
  • 1x workout bar
  • 2x ankle strap
  • 1x Door hook
  • 1x instruction booklet
  • 2 x 14 kg resistance band (orange)
  • 2x 18 kg resistance band (red)
  • 2x 4.5 kg resistance band (green)
  • 2x 9 kg resistance band (blue)

Frequently Asked Questions
Q) What makes this product different from the resistance bands?
A) The Workout station has a platform where you can attach the elastic bands. This allows you to do more different exercises and perform these exercises more heavily due to the added stability.

Q) Can I really replace all my weights with this product?
A) The Workout Station is designed so that you can do almost any exercise with it. Exercising with weights will give a different result, so we still recommend this.

Q) Is training with a workout station susceptible to injury?
A) If you slowly build up the resistance and do the exercises for which the product is intended, this will be very easy. Of course heating with low resistance is an advantage.

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