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Aron Winnelinckx

Fitness Coach.

As a personal trainer I personally assist you during your workout sessions and I help you achieve your goals.

Over the course of 16 weeks I mentor you on a personal level and together we ensure that you become entirely contest-ready!

Through one-on-one coaching I help you achieve your sporting goals.

Achieve your sporting goals in an effective way through online coaching.

Hi, i'm Aron

Ready for a transformation?

My vision

As a certified sports nutrition consultant, with 20 years of experience as a strength athlete, I assist you personally in reaching your sporting goals step by step.
Honest and informed advice is at the root of each customized plan.

Even after the coaching program, I ensure that you can continue your new sporting lifestyle. Together, we work out a nutrition and training plan that you can maintain in your daily life.

Whatever your goals are – bodybuilding, losing fat or getting fitter – everyone can join Team Winnelinckx for his/her transformation!


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“You will not always be motivated.
You have to learn to be disciplined!”