Request a personalized nutrition plan

By completing the form below, you allow us to design a customized and personal nutrition plan for you, based on your personal goals and taking into account your daily activities.

Furthermore, you will get 2 personal nutrition plans! The reason why we do this is that a little variation is more fun than always eating the same foods.

In addition to the 2 nutrition plans, you will also receive a free training plan that you can use in combination with your nutrition plans. In this way, we help you achieve your goal in the most efficient manner possible.

 After sending the form, we will send you a payment notification via e-mail as well as some additional information. The price for your personal nutrition plan   is one-time € 50. 

#teamwinnelinckx menu! 

Please select 2 menu items per meal that you would like to see incorporated in your personalized nutrition plans.

You can select more than 2 items per meal, but we will then select 2 menu items out of the ones you've selected that best suit your personlized nutrition plans. 
If you can't choose, you can also select none, we will then select the best menu items per meal based on you personlized nutrition plans. 



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