Quamtrax Nutrition Protein Crunchy – 500gr





Quamtrax – Protein Crunchy Dark & White Choco 500 Gr

Extruded cereal balls coated with chocolates of different flavors, with sweetener, without added sugar, with vitamins and minerals and suitable for vegans.

A delicious snack loaded with proteins, crunchy balls of wheat flour cereal and rice flour dipped in white, black or milk chocolate, with a minimum sugar content (none added). You can take it alone or as a complement to your cereal, at breakfast or as a topping for your fruit, yogurt, oatmeal … endless possibilities, add a crispy and sweet touch without worrying about sugars or calories. Compatible with your weight loss diet and absolutely addictive!.

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Dark and white chocolate, Dark chocolate, Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate


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